Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

Still so funny.


I love that it’s just a bunch of sad rich white people lol

While I never supported Romney, this post still bugs me. These pics could have been of staffers, volunteers, etc who put in countless hours in trying to help him get elected. Or even just people that were heavily invested/following the election. Heck I’d be a bit upset if the guy I was helping campaign for the past few years lost, it would be a big disappointment. If Obama would have lost, I guarantee that these pictures above would be replicated. Saying that all these people and Romney supporters are sad “rich white people” is the same as saying all Obama supporters are “poor or ethnic” people. Party support comes across a variety of spectrums, including sex, race, age and financial status, not just the ones that people love to stereotype to further political posts on the internet. 

But they ahh Blanche, they ahh poor and ethnic in the democratic party. Go to Miss Google, ask her to do a demographic of the democratic party search for ya and you will see why everyone is laughing. Save us the “decency” bullshit when said people are investing years into a party that cares more about their bank accounts than minority (race, sex, sexuality, etc) rights.